Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Post 10

This unit we learned about American Culture. The united states is considered a melting pot. A melting pot of a bunch of different cultures. But America does have a set of their own values. Coming from a different country it may be difficult for someone to adjust. We read a reading called The Values American's Live By. One value that might be difficult for someone moving to America is the concept of time. In America time is money. American's never want to be late and want things done in a timely manner. This can hurt relationships. Because when we are so focused on time to make money we forget to leave time for those who truly matter.

In America we are very focused on competition. We believe that competition brings out the best in us. This also goes along with Americans need to be more independent. I agree with this to an extent. Yes, being independent and having competition can be good for us. It shows us our best self and our abilities. But, we shouldn't be afraid to ask for help. Other countries value cooperation and dependence. They work together to get things done. Americans tend to be afraid to ask for help and that ends up hurting us. If we don't ask for help and we fail, we look down on ourselves. And if we ask for help and complete it people tend to still be upset because they couldn't complete it alone.

I've been to many different countries and Israel is my favorite. I stayed on a kibbutz where everyone works together. This is so different from America where everyone works alone. They all live together, work together, eat together, etc. That is a part of their culture. If they were to come work in America it would be difficult because our values are very different from theirs. American values are interesting to think about because we don't believe we are a culture. Or at least I thought that. Our culture all relies on quickness and getting things done, making money, the American dream.

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